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What to Expect with Dental Implants

Dental Implant Care, 100 Percent In-House

You may have heard about the advantages of choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth, but have you ever wondered what to expect with dental implants at SoFi Dental Care and Orthodontics? As a long-term investment in your oral health and smile, dental implants rely on the skill and artistry of those involved in the treatment process. Receiving surgical care from specialists in implant dentistry ensures your implant(s) will be placed precisely and accurately using advanced surgical methods, including the administration of IV sedation. We have both a periodontist and an oral surgeon on staff at our Miami Beach, FL office, two specialists who have received the most advanced training in implantology, as well as experienced cosmetic dentists skilled in custom restorations. Knowing what to expect with dental implants and our treatment process can help determine if dental implants are the best option for you. From your initial consultation to surgery and follow-up appointments, we are pleased to provide specialized, experienced, and affordable care that ensures your comfort, safety, and the success of your treatment—all in the convenience of our Miami Beach, FL office!

A Treatment Process as Unique as You Are

what to expect with dental implants

Our initial dental implant consultation includes a comprehensive evaluation of your mouth, x-rays, photographs, and a review of records. During this appointment, we also educate you on the treatment process, what happens during surgery, procedures you may need beforehand, the treatment timeline, estimated cost, and our financing options. From here, our team collaborates to create a personalized treatment plan for you.

implant surgery

As important as a highly aesthetic restoration is, creating the best foundation for it is just as critical for the long-term health and function of your smile. Dental implant surgery and restoration are routine procedures for our highly qualified team and is a treatment process with precise protocols that consistently provide accurate and beneficial long-term results.

follow up careIn one day, we can extract any teeth if needed and put your implants in place; this could be one or up to six if you are replacing a full arch. You will be on your way to your permanent new smile! Once your appointment is over, you will go home with implants and a temporary crown, denture or bridge that looks and functions naturally until your permanent restoration can be put in place. 

final restorationMost implant patients, especially those receiving full-arch implants, receive a temporary restoration the day of surgery. These restorations will be replaced once the dental implants are fully healed. Your final restoration will be completely customized to fit with your smile. At your appointment, we will securely attach the final restoration to your implants for a permanent, new smile!

dental implant model in colorDental implants are cared for just like natural teeth and require no additional special care. However, taking care of your dental implants is just as crucial for their longevity as caring for your natural teeth. As with your natural teeth, we recommend that you brush twice daily and floss once a day, visiting us bi-annually for dental examinations and hygiene appointments. Dental implants, when well cared for, provide patients with the following benefits: ability to eat and chew most foods; smile and talk with confidence; improve nutrition and diet; maintain a healthy jaw bone; and restore a beautiful, functioning smile.

Have additional questions about what to expect with dental implants?

Have additional questions about what to expect with dental implants?