Our Multi-Disciplinary Philosophy Miami Beach, FL

A Multi-Disciplinary Team with a Single Goal: Your Health

Our Multi-Specialty Philosophy

Your oral health is only one part of maintaining overall health, but it is more important than many patients realize. The health of your teeth and gums can actually have an effect on the health of your body as a whole. And just as different parts of your body require specialized doctors, so do different parts of your mouth need treatment by different types of dental specialists to ensure the best possible outcomes. For many, this means a referral to a separate office for more specialized care. At SoFi Dental Care and Orthodontics, our multi-specialty team makes it possible to receive exceptional general, restorative, and cosmetic care without ever needing to leave our Miami Beach, FL office! Whether you need routine hygiene care or require more complex restorative treatment with dental implants or oral surgery, we are equipped to provide this comprehensive care utilizing our state-of-the-art technology and expertise. Our experienced team, though each specialized in different dental fields, has one multi-disciplinary philosophy: to restore your oral health through specialized, expert care and personalized, in-house treatment.

Why Choose SoFi Dental Care and Orthodontics?

We are pleased to offer our patients comprehensive dental care, including general dentistry, cosmetics, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery. Together, we have established a highly sought-after practice due to our extensive training and experience, high-quality care, and the comprehensiveness and convenience a fully in-house team of specialists brings.

Our entire multi-disciplinary team and staff share and adhere to a single practice mission, vision, and list of values. Along with the ability to provide all aspects of patient care within our single office location, we remain consistent in our quality of care through the shared values we have developed as a team. Our patients feel safe in our expertise and confident each doctor on our team is dedicated to the same mission, no matter what treatment(s) is needed.

Our in-house team of specialists makes it possible to collaborate face-to-face when treatment planning for our patients. With insight and expertise from a variety of dental fields, we are able to establish personalized, comprehensive treatment plans that reflect the best possible path to restored oral health possible.

Our entire team is experienced and highly qualified in their respective fields and remains consistent in continuing education and training to ensure the best care for our patients. If expert, specialized care is needed, our multi-disciplinary team is prepared to provide experienced and skilled treatment so that patients do not need to be referred to different practices for care.

Come see for yourself the difference a multi-specialty team brings!

Come see for yourself the difference a multi-specialty team brings!