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Bone Grafting Restores Your Natural Jaw Line

What Is Bone Grafting?

Teeth play an important role in maintaining the health and volume of the jaw bone. When teeth are lost, the bone begins a resorption process, shrinking in height and width. Often extensive bone loss can result in the impossibility of an implant being placed without a bone graft, along with the loss of natural facial contours and structure. Traditionally, bone grafting required taking bone from the patient, such as the hip or another part of the jaw, and ground and replaced in the jaw. However, today, donor bone is harvested and processed to produce a material that is safe, economic, and comfortable. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that requires a healing period while the existing bone and graft integrate. Our Miami Beach, FL team includes a periodontist and an oral surgeon, two specialists with advanced training in dental implants and the reconstruction of soft and hard tissue, including bone grafting. We are experienced and skilled in this procedure, leveraging the use of advanced technologies and high-quality materials. Our team offers bone grafting, including sinus lift and ridge augmentation procedures, to preserve the integrity of the jaw bone and pave the way for dental implants.

Our Bone Grafting Procedures

Bone Grafting

Bone loss as a result of missing teeth needs to rebuilt in order to support a dental implant. A bone grafting procedure takes bone from a donor source and places it in areas where natural jaw bone has resorbed. By regenerating new bone from the graft, proper density and strength is rebuilt to accommodate one or more implants, along with restoring the contours of the face.

Sinus Lift

Bone loss that occurs in the upper back portion of the jaw can lead to an enlargement of the sinus cavity. As bone resorbs and this cavity sinks, the height and density of the bone is no longer able to support a dental implant. During a sinus lift, bone material is placed beneath the sinus cavity, pushing upwards so that proper bone height and density can be reestablished beneath.

Ridge Augmentation

Missing or extracted teeth leave an empty socket that will deteriorate. This deterioration will lead to a weakened and uneven jaw ridge that is not strong enough to support dental implants. A ridge augmentation recreates the natural contours of the jaw bone, including the original width and height of the ridge, or fills the empty socket immediately after extraction.

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Most commonly, bone grafting occurs to create a strong foundation for dental implants. As the only permanent replacement for missing teeth, dental implants are the ideal tooth replacement option for many people. If extensive tooth loss has made the jaw bone too weak and thin, bone grafting rebuilds the proper volume of bone back into the jaw to ensure long-term dental implant stability. All procedures related to grafting and dental implants can be completed in our Miami Beach, FL office.

Benefits of Bone Grafting
• Broaden restorative options
• Rebuild the natural jaw line
• Preserve facial structure
• Retain proper bite occlusion
• Slow bone resorption process

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Have you been experiencing jaw bone loss due to missing teeth?

Have you been experiencing jaw bone loss due to missing teeth?