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Calm Your Dental Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

If dental anxiety is keeping you from visiting the dentist you are certainly not alone. We understand that this anxiety can be debilitating for many patients, but we also know that it can lead to a lack of professional care, increasing the risk for dental decay or disease. We choose to incorporate some of the most customizable and effective forms of sedation dentistry to improve the experiences and comfort of our anxious and fearful patients and to ensure they are receiving the dental care they need. Our experienced Miami Beach, FL team includes an oral and maxillofacial surgeon certified to administer IV sedation, as well as Drs. Ardavan Saidi and Simon Amini, who are both certified in oral conscious sedation. With thorough knowledge of and training in advanced sedation dentistry techniques, we provide personalized levels of sedation for a highly calming and relaxing visit. Don’t let past experiences keep you from receiving the oral health care your smile deserves! We are equipped with the sedation dentistry options you need to enjoy your appointment free from fear or dental anxiety.

The Many Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry has many advantages for patients with dental anxiety, but its benefits go beyond helping calm fearful patients. Sedation is also ideal for patients with sensitive teeth or gag reflex, and for those who struggle sitting still or need more extensive dental work. Along with blocking sensations of pain and helping patients relax, certain types of sedation dentistry leave patients with little-to-no memory of their appointment! For many patients, sedation dentistry is the solution they need to attend recommended dental appointments and maintain their oral health long-term. Have you been avoiding the dentist? Schedule an appointment at our Miami Beach, FL office and experience the difference sedation dentistry can make!

Sedation dentistry available based on your needs and preferences:

Dental oral sedation miami beach fl

Oral sedation

Oral sedation is a highly effective solution for patients with mild to moderate levels of dental anxiety or fear. Oral sedation is a pill prescribed by our doctors that you take prior to your appointment. Most patients are able to sustain a sleepy and relaxed state from between two and six hours.

Dental IV sedation​ miami beach fl

IV sedation

IV sedation is administered intravenously and is one of the most customizable sedatives, able to adequately control pain and dental anxiety. Through close monitoring by our oral surgeon, IV sedation puts you in a conscious “sleep” state where you are completely calm and relaxed, leaving you with little memory of your appointment.

A calming and relaxing appointment is possible!

A calming and relaxing appointment is possible!