Traditional Braces Miami Beach, FL

Traditional Orthodontics, Modernized Techniques

The Time-Tested Orthodontic Solution

As one of the oldest forms of orthodontics, there is a reason traditional braces continue to be a popular choice for patients. Unlike other aesthetically-driven options, bracket-and-wire braces remain one of the best solutions for complex functional tooth problems. Traditional braces provide a slow and steady transition from severely crooked teeth and bad bites into a straight smile with proper occlusion. Our on-staff orthodontist is specially trained and experienced in treating malocclusion and misalignment of teeth with modern bracket-and-wire systems and techniques. Utilizing a combination of x-rays, photos, and impressions of your teeth, she creates personalized treatment plans that result in most functional and aesthetic outcomes for our patients. Concerned about your crooked teeth and ready for a change? Schedule a consultation at our Miami Beach, FL office to learn if traditional braces are the best option for you!

Straighter Teeth, Better Health

The most noticeable results of traditional braces are cosmetic, providing you with a straight and attractive smile. But orthodontics can improve how your teeth function and your oral health as well. Crooked teeth are often at risk for developing cavities and teeth that do not align correctly can cause chronic TMJ issues, including headaches, pain or discomfort, and difficulty opening the jaw comfortably. Traditional braces are one of the best solutions for correcting these functional issues, while improving how the teeth look when you smile. Teeth with proper alignment and occlusions do not add additional stress to the jaw joints and muscles, enabling pain-free day-to-day activities like chewing, yawning, and talking. Better yet, traditional braces in Miami Beach, FL can create beautiful, straight teeth that improve your self-confidence and health!

Benefits of Traditional Braces

  • Time-tested, predictable orthodontics
  • Strong, high-quality materials
  • Able to correct complex cases
  • Improves alignment and occlusion

Pediatric Dentistry for Long-Term Health

Pediatric dentistry is an exciting adventure for your little ones! At Sofi Dental Care and Orthodontics, we believe in turning pediatric dental appointments into visits filled with fun and laughter. Our team is here for kids to teach them the importance of brushing, flossing, and keeping their teeth strong, all while making each visit enjoyable. With gentle care, we ensure your children grow up with healthy, happy smiles that last a lifetime!

Learn if traditional braces are right for you!

Learn if traditional braces are right for you!