Soft Tissue Treatment Miami Beach, FL

Soft Tissue Treatment to Improve Your Smile’s Function and Beauty

Better Aesthetics, Better Health

Soft tissue treatment is comprised of procedures that restore health, function, harmony, or beauty to the smile. Functional or aesthetic in nature, soft tissue treatment can have dramatic effects on the appearance of the smile, while improving the health of the gums and teeth by removing problematic soft tissue. Our soft tissue treatments are surgical procedures completed by our experienced in-house periodontist. Trained specifically in soft tissue treatment and issues related to the gums, he is highly qualified to provide services like gingivectomies and frenectomies in Miami Beach, FL. These simple, straightforward procedures can help reduce the risk for oral infections and leave patients with healthy, attractive new smiles!

When Gum Tissue
Is a Problem

Many patients who visit our Miami Beach, FL periodontist are concerned with how their smile looks when too much gum tissue is present. These “gummy” smiles can be effectively corrected with gingivectomy procedures. But when does gum tissue become a concern? Excessive gum tissue that covers over a larger portion of the tooth crown can actually hinder the ability to effectively clean the area, increasing the risk for cavities to develop below the tissue and making it difficult to restore a damaged tooth. Alternatively, gum tissue that has pulled away from the teeth due to gum disease must be removed so that healthy tissue can reattach to the teeth and reduce periodontal pockets that harbor bacteria. For any of these situations, our soft tissue treatment options can return health and vibrancy to your smile.

Our Soft Tissue Treatment Options


A gingivectomy is a surgical procedure that reshapes the gum tissue around the tooth crowns. Functionally, gingivectomies treat gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, by removing diseased gum tissue. Aesthetically, gingivectomies reverse a “gummy” smile by shaping gum tissue in a more harmonious arch around teeth.


A frenectomy removes the small portions of soft tissue (frenulums) that connect the upper lip and tongue to the mouth. The frenulum, if causing too much restriction on movement, causes tongue-tie and lip-tie. Removal of this fold of tissue restores proper movement of the lip and tongue.

Does your smile need soft tissue treatment?

Does your smile need soft tissue treatment?