Full arch dental implants Miami Beach, FL

Transform the Look, Feel, and Function of Your Smile in One Day

Naturally Beautiful, Fully Functional

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Full arch dental implants are the single most transformative solution we provide our patients with failing or missing teeth.

Able to restore a full set of teeth in one or both arches, full arch dental implants provide a level of function and aesthetics comparable to that of natural and healthy teeth. For many patients, this provides a complete return to the smile they once enjoyed, while for others, it presents the opportunity to possess the complete set of beautiful, healthy teeth they never had! Full arch dental implants address the long-term functional and health issues that come with other teeth replacement options like dentures, including eating efficiency and proper digestion, clarity of speech, and support for facial shape. By utilizing the revolutionary design of dental implants, full arch options can provide the necessary functional needs while also working to maintain oral health and restoring the smile’s natural beauty!

As a result, full arch dental implants have the unique ability to completely transform the look, feel, and function of teeth, permanently restoring full health and aesthetics back to your smile. You will enjoy a significantly improved quality of life through the ability to eat all the foods you love without pain or difficulty, speaking and laughing without fear or embarrassment, and living every day with full confidence and a renewed sense of personal wellbeing and pride. Imagine what it would feel like to go through this permanently transformative process, from a full set of missing teeth to a vibrant, youthful, and healthy smile! This is possible the day of surgery when you choose the expertise of our highly qualified and experienced multi-disciplinary team of dental specialists!

Why Choose Full Arch Dental Implants?

Eat the foods you love

Full arch dental implants are fully secured in the jaw with implants. They will not shift or become loose when you eat. You can enjoy biting and chewing hard, tough, and sticky foods as if you had a full arch of natural, healthy teeth!

Boost self-confidence

Full arch dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth, providing virtually the same level of aesthetics, function, and support. You won’t need to remove them at night or fear they will slip or fall out when you eat, talk, and laugh!

No need for adhesives

Full arch dental implants remain anchored to your jaw no matter what and are completely secured in place. They rely on dental implants for full support and don’t require the need for pastes or adhesives to stay in place.

Prevent Bone Loss

Full arch dental implants help to stimulate the jaw bone as the implants act like tooth roots. Keeping the jaw bone at a healthy volume from this stimulation ensures facial shape and aesthetics won’t change due to jaw bone resorption.

Our Full Arch Dental Implants Process

Full arch dental implants require the skill and experience of trained specialists like those on our team. We begin our process with a comprehensive consultation, which includes the review of your records, an evaluation, x-rays, and photographs. We also provide education on what to expect, the treatments like bone grafting and extractions you may need beforehand, treatment timeframe, and a breakdown of cost and financing options. This will help us when collaborating to create the most personalized treatment plan for your situation. On the day of surgery, we provide custom sedation to ensure you are completely relaxed and calm. Implant placement is a relatively straightforward surgery, but one that requires the meticulous detail and precision from our experienced specialist. 

When the implants have been placed and are secure, we are often able to restore a temporary prosthesis so that you can leave your appointment with a full set of functioning teeth! We provide follow-up care throughout the healing process to ensure your implants are integrating correctly with your jaw bone. Later, you will return to our office to receive your fully customized full-arch prosthesis we will attach to the implants for a permanently beautiful and functional new smile!

You can have a brand new smile in just one appointment.

You can have a brand new smile in just one appointment.