Soft Tissue Recontouring Miami Beach, FL

Fix Your “Gummy” Smile in One Visit

Restore Balance
to Your Smile

Beautiful smiles are not just about straight, white teeth. Aesthetics come when both the teeth and gums are properly proportioned and balanced together. Soft tissue recontouring is a procedure that restores this proportion to the smile. While soft tissue recontouring can have either a functional or aesthetic end goal, the final outcome will always create a more harmonious balance between the visible teeth and the gumline. For many patients, soft tissue recontouring is a cosmetic dentistry treatment they choose to correct a “gummy” smile, where gum tissue covers too much of the teeth. 

Soft tissue recontouring may seem like an invasive procedure, but through our use of advanced dental laser technology, it is very much the opposite, providing patients with comfortable and convenient experiences with rarely any downtime. By incorporating dental lasers into your treatment, we can rebalance your smile or provide functional treatment virtually pain-free and with little-to-no discomfort during or after your appointment!

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The Soft Tissue Recontouring Procedure

A “gummy” smile may only be aesthetic displeasing, without any functional or health issues needing to be addressed. Aesthetic gum recontouring reshapes the gum tissue around each tooth into a more balanced arch and overall proper gum-to-tooth proportion. Utilizing dental laser technology for soft tissue recontouring is one way we can ensure positive, comfortable experiences for our patients. By eliminating the need for scalpels to reshape the gumline, we can greatly reduce pain and swelling during treatment and the risk for infection after. Because the dental laser cauterizes the gum tissue, bleeding is also minimized, helping accelerate both treatment and healing times!

The Benefits of Soft Tissue Recontouring

  • A beautiful, proportional new smile
  • A healthy tooth-to-gum ratio
  • Improved confidence in your smile

Dislike your “gummy” smile? Receive our minimally-invasive care.

Dislike your “gummy” smile? Receive our minimally-invasive care.