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What Can I Do if I Have Excessive Gums?

You got what people call a “rubbish” smile? Are your gums a bit out of proportion with your teeth because they’re thick and pronounced? If so, in Miami Beach, FL, you might want to think of crown lengthening as an aesthetic option to rebalance your smile. 

While excessive gums are not a problem alone, for emotional and personal reasons, many patients are seeking cosmetic periodontal procedures. This procedure requires the performance of an experienced dentist like our team of dental experts, because it involves increasing the amount of visible tooth area to create more visual balance in a patient’s smile.

Non-Cosmetic Reasons for the Procedure

Excessive gums can sometimes impact the health of a patient, especially when that patient is experiencing a problem like a cavity or an abscess. If the tooth above the gum line is not sufficient, regular dental repair becomes very difficult, and crown lengthening is required before a filling or crown can be used to stop the advance of decay.

Patients who have preventive crown lengthening done for cosmetic reasons may also be assured that if they have cavities in the future they will not have to worry about this type of issue. If, for a medical reason, you need to do it on one tooth, consider having it done to your entire mouth to ensure that you will be cared for in the future.

Cosmetic Reasons for the Procedure

The procedure of crown lengthening may also be useful for broken teeth which need to be repaired. Individual cases of patients vary, and our dental experts will need to evaluate each patient for surgery individually.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether you’re a crown lengthening candidate in Miami Beach, FL, contact our office today at or schedule an online appointment to establish a consultation appointment. During regular business hours our associates stand by for your call. 

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