Dentist On Call

Dentist On Call

Needing emergency care of any kind is never a situation you want to be put in – but it is a nice reminder to know it is available if you need it. Emergency dental care is a less common need, but good to have, in case anything pops up. Emergency dental services are less common than emergency medical care, but are rising in popularity to ensure patients remain healthy in all aspects of their life.

If you are unsure of what should be treated immediately, by an emergency dentist, here are some things to be aware of. Dental emergencies that should be treated immediately are situations of a knocked out tooth, a cracked tooth, or anything out of the normal. These dental problems would be considered emergencies because they could affect other parts of the oral cavity or body as a whole. Having a tooth knocked out from a sport or cracking a tooth could cause damage to the jawbone or soft tissues – meaning having immediate dental care is essential.

Fractured teeth can also be a serious issue that should be treated right away. No matter how minor the fracture may seem, it is very essential that seeing a dentist should be a priority. Minor fractures tend to be not as serious, as they can normally be smoothed out using sandpaper. Teeth that are fractured can also be restored with composite on occasion.

Beyond this, fractures can need significant attention because they may include damage to the dentin, pulp, and even the enamel.  Providing the pulp hasn’t been damaged, your dentist will be able to restore the full shape and function to the tooth.

Dealing with a dental emergency at your earliest convenience is important. Seeking dental treatment will ensure you maintain your oral health and in turn, our overall health. It is a good idea to keep your dental provider’s contact information on hand so you will be equipped to seek help, if needed. Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and to anyone; your dentist will know exactly how to handle the situation. Contact your dentist if you feel anything seems abnormal.

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