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About the iBraces™ Appliance System

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The iBraces™ Appliance System are the only 100% customized invisible fixed appliance system available on the US market today. This intelligent lingual appliance system customized for each patient to provide superior comfort and predictable clinical results. iBraces Appliances combine the power and flexibility of traditional brackets and wires with excellent aesthetics, requiring minimal adjustments by the orthodontist.

iBraces Appliances were designed to overcome the many clinical issues associated with other lingual fixed appliances, specifically patient comfort, difficult bracket placement and wire bending. iBraces Appliances unique combination of customized brackets and wires makes it much easier than ever before to treat patients with invisible braces.



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iBraces are placed on the backside of your teeth, so they are completely hidden from view.  No onw will know that you are wearing braces unless you tell them.  And iBraces are comforable to wear.  After a short adjustment period you will be able to wat and speak normally.

*iBraces are appropriate for most teens and adults